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Oct 10, 2017

Ashfield Infants Home visit

I am honoured to be joining the staff and children of the Infants’ Home on Thursday October 12th 2017 to present them with three new flags; the Australian, Aboriginal, and Torres Strait Islander flags.

The Infants’ Home has been in Ashfield since 1876, and is a pioneering provider of long day care, family day care, early childhood education, and early intervention and support services for children. Its services are accessed by more than 2600 children from suburbs all across Sydney with more than one third of its resources going to children living in vulnerable circumstances, or with additional needs.

I welcome the Infants’ Home’s establishment of a Reconciliation Action Plan and Working Party. Recognising the significance of the traditional owners is an important step on the path to reconciliation. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples are part of our communities and we need to continue on the path towards closing the gap in social and economic outcomes between the First Australians and the rest of the community.


Oct 9, 2017

Marrickville Public School My Park Rules opening

I am pleased to be joining students and parents at Marrickville Public School this Thursday, the 12th of October to open Marrickville Public School’s successful entry in the My Park Rules competition.

This comp had 100 entries, and more than 30,000 votes were cast across the nation. It is an enormous credit to Marrickville Public School, AILA, the 202020 Vision Initiative and the team at TRACT that Marrickville’s entry was judged to be the best in New South Wales, and the best entry across the entire nation.

This award winning design has become a reality, and is a great example of how we can work with communities across Australia to provide well designed parkland and green spaces.

As our suburbs are increasingly urbanised, providing well designed green spaces makes for communities that are happier and healthier. Every child in Australia should have access to quality green spaces, with all the benefits that flow as a result.



Sep 29, 2017

Time to transfer land to Leichhardt Campus

In February this year I joined with students and parents from Sydney Secondary College Leichhardt Campus to fight the Berejiklian Government’s absurd proposal to use land adjoining the school into a Westconnex construction site.

Thanks to the hard work of everyone involved we forced the NSW Liberal Government to back down from their proposal.

Instead of turning land adjacent to one of the Inner West’s most overcrowded high school campuses into a construction site, the NSW Government now has an opportunity to provide much needed space for educational, creative and recreational use by the students at the Leichhardt Campus.

That’s why today I am calling on the Premier, Gladys Berejiklian, and the Education Minister, Rob Stokes, to begin the process of transferring the disused tram sheds to the NSW Department of Education.

This issue was raised earlier this year when Minister Ayres visited the site and refused to rule it out as a dive site.

Making this land available for use of students will relieve overcrowding and improve the learning environment for the whole school community.

Sep 19, 2017

No extension of clearways for King Street Newtown

We have today won a guarantee from the NSW Roads Minister Melinda Pavey that there will be no extension of clearway periods on King Street Newtown as a consequence of the WestConnex project.

In recent weeks local businesses have become alarmed by suggestions that weekend clearways could be imposed on King Street as a result of overflow traffic caused by Stage 2 of the project.

Following our representations to Minister Pavey on behalf of the Newtown Precinct Business Association, the Minister met yesterday with the Chamber and recommitted the Government to protecting King Street from any extension of clearways.

Having previously won a guarantee from the former Roads Minister, Duncan Gay and senior managers overseeing the WestConnex project, Labor welcomes this assurance.

Comments attributable to Tanya Plibersek:

The guarantee not to extend clearways along King Street is a real win for our community.

It will keep Newtown accessible for local residents, and as an appealing destination for visitors  – so important for the local economy.

Congratulations to the Newtown Business Chamber for their continued hard work on this issue.

Comments attributable to Anthony Albanese:

Newtown is second only to the central business district of Sydney as a tourism destination so the economic viability of King Street is crucial for our whole City.

Extending clearways would deprive Newtown of the on street parking and the protective barrier for pedestrians which cafes, restaurants, music venues and craft breweries depend on to drive their trade.

We have delivered these protections because we are determined to protect Newtown’s unique atmosphere for the people who live and there and for everyone who visits Newtown from across Sydney and around the world.


Sep 15, 2017

Football volunteers from the Inner West honoured

Tonight I will join the football community of the Inner West to celebrate the contribution of volunteer coaches, managers and administrators at the annual Canterbury and District Soccer Football Association Volunteer Recognition dinner.

250 volunteers will attend the event, representing more than 3000 volunteers and 16 000 players from the clubs who make up the Association.

Local sports clubs represent the largest network of volunteers in our community, who generously dedicate their time to improve the health and welfare of children and young people.

CDSFA is one of the most effective grassroots sporting associations in the country.

Children and adults from my electorate of Grayndler participate in the majority of soccer clubs that make up the CDSFA including Balmain and District Football Club, Fraser Park, Leichhardt Saints, Leichhardt Tigers, Marrickville Football Club, Stanmore Hawks, Cooks River Titans, Ashfield Pirates and the Hurlstone Park Wanderers.

I am proud to support the work of these clubs and pay tribute to the incredible hard work and dedication of the volunteers who they depend on.

Sep 14, 2017

Minister reveals 20,000 incorrect Centrelink debts

20,000 Australians were issued with false or incorrect debts as part of the Centrelink Robo-debt debacle overseen by Department of Human Services Minister Alan Tudge.

In an answer to a question in writing filed by Labor MP Steve Georganas, the Minister for Human Services revealed that as at 31 March, 20,000 income support recipients who had been contacted as part of the failed Robo-debt debacle, had their debts corrected or quashed altogether.

12,524 Australians had their debts corrected or reduced.

7,456 Australians had their debts withdrawn by Centrelink entirely.

100 per cent of the debts that have been brought in to my own office in the Inner West, were either overturned entirely or reduced.

Last year a resident of Marrickville was hit with a Centrelink Robo-debt of more than $4000 during a period of illness. The debt was reduced to $400.

These are astonishing numbers coming from a Government that clearly cares little for its own people.

Minister Tudge along with Social Services Minister Christian Porter have removed the ‘Human’ element from the Department of Human Services.

A Senate Inquiry in June produced 21 recommendations which effectively called for the radical overhaul of the Robo-debt system for it to be even remotely workable.

To this day, the Government has refused to act on these recommendations – an absolute insult to the thousands of decent and vulnerable individuals who are reliant on income support at a difficult and uncertain time in their lives.


Sep 13, 2017

Overdevelopment in Marrickville

Today I spoke in the Parliament about overdevelopment in the Inner West.

I told Parliament:

Developers need to understand that the key to successful urban redevelopment is bringing the local community with them. Their projects need to complement the suburban landscape, not dominate it. I certainly believe in higher densities close to public transport corridors, but what we’re seeing with the arrogant state government in New South Wales is an attempt to change the landscape of the city in a way that will destroy the vibrancy of communities. Along the Sydenham to Bankstown line is the industrial area of Marrickville. It currently plays an important role.

Companies like Erth Visual & Physical and Empress Stilt Dance produce things like a 2.7-metre-high T. rex walk-in puppet for creative use. There are IT companies in that industrial area of Marrickville that are creative, are creating jobs and are boosting our national economy as well as the vibrancy of the local community.

Yet the government wants to rezone this area with a proposal that shocked me when I met with Mirvac a couple of weeks ago. Mirvac developed the former Harold Park site with increased density. They’re developing the Marrickville Hospital site on Marrickville Road. Both of those projects have aspects of open space. They’re vibrant communities. They’re not significant overdevelopments.

But what they propose in Carrington Road in south Marrickville, in the industrial area, where there are single-storey and two-storey houses, are 28-storey developments. In an area that doesn’t have great road access to it and has congestion right now, 28-storeys is a massive overdevelopment. It is greed gone mad, and I told Mirvac that.

I will campaign with the community against such an overdevelopment proposal. Marrickville has a character to it, and the idea that you can go into an area of Marrickville that has one- and two-storey heritage houses, which families live in, and just change that to 28 storeys is, quite frankly, absurd. I say too, as I said to the Property Council last week: developers have an important role to play, but they will face the anger and fury of local communities if they put greed above the interests of those local communities.

Aug 25, 2017

Footprints Ecofestival

This Sunday I have been invited to speak at the opening of the Footprints EcoFestival at Whites Creek Valley Park in Annandale.

Now in its seventh year, the festival is a celebration of all things sustainable in the Inner West, with a variety of workshops taking place centred on the art of living without waste.

The festival is of particular importance this time around, as the newly formed Inner West Craft Brewers’ Association have also been invited to be a part of the celebrations.

The IWCBA have partnered with the Footprints Film Festival and their bicycle powered cinema, to provide a craft beer garden for festivalgoers, which I am predicting will be a huge success.

Environmental sustainability is an issue that needs to be addressed at a local level if we are going to conquer the wider threat that things like climate change, waste production and deforestation pose to the planet.

Events like the Footprints EcoFestival help to educate and encourage sustainable lifestyles that help to keep our community green.

Aug 24, 2017

New facilities for Youth Off The Streets

Today I will be speaking at the opening of the new basketball and shower facilities at the Addison Road Community Centre for charity organisation Youth Off The Streets.

Youth homelessness in Australia is a very real problem that is effectively addressed by community-centred organisations like Youth Off The Streets.

This is done through the provision of outreach services, crisis accommodation, alcohol and other drug services and counselling, supporting vulnerable young people where and when they need it most; regardless of age, religion, sexuality or gender.

The new facilities will give disadvantaged young people a safe place to shower, and to wind down by playing basketball.

Thanks to Father Chris Riley from Youth Off The Streets, and General Manager Rosanna Barbero from the Addison Road Community Centre for having me here today.



Aug 18, 2017

Community Encouraged to make Submissions on WestConnex

Today the Environmental Impact Statement for Stage 3 of the WestConnex project has been released by the NSW Coalition Government.


The fact that the planning for the most important stage of the project has not been finalised, even though the project has been under construction for a number of years highlights the debacle that this failure to properly plan represents.


The so-called “final stage” of the project still does not go to either the Port of Botany or Sydney Airport.


Dealing with traffic from the Port was the original task identified by Infrastructure NSW for this project.


Even though planning is still underway, every single dollar of Federal grant funding from the Federal Coalition Government has already been forwarded to the NSW Coalition Government, which now plans to sell a majority stake in the project.


This week I asked the Speaker to write to the Minister for Urban Infrastructure to ascertain reasons why he has not complied with Standing Orders, which require answers to Questions on Notice to be provided within 60 days.


Minister Fletcher has failed to fulfil these requirements when it comes to questions I have asked related to the WestConnex project.


I encourage members of the local community to examine the proposed EIS and make submissions to by 16 October 2017.




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