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Aug 25, 2017

Footprints Ecofestival

This Sunday I have been invited to speak at the opening of the Footprints EcoFestival at Whites Creek Valley Park in Annandale.

Now in its seventh year, the festival is a celebration of all things sustainable in the Inner West, with a variety of workshops taking place centred on the art of living without waste.

The festival is of particular importance this time around, as the newly formed Inner West Craft Brewers’ Association have also been invited to be a part of the celebrations.

The IWCBA have partnered with the Footprints Film Festival and their bicycle powered cinema, to provide a craft beer garden for festivalgoers, which I am predicting will be a huge success.

Environmental sustainability is an issue that needs to be addressed at a local level if we are going to conquer the wider threat that things like climate change, waste production and deforestation pose to the planet.

Events like the Footprints EcoFestival help to educate and encourage sustainable lifestyles that help to keep our community green.

Aug 24, 2017

New facilities for Youth Off The Streets

Today I will be speaking at the opening of the new basketball and shower facilities at the Addison Road Community Centre for charity organisation Youth Off The Streets.

Youth homelessness in Australia is a very real problem that is effectively addressed by community-centred organisations like Youth Off The Streets.

This is done through the provision of outreach services, crisis accommodation, alcohol and other drug services and counselling, supporting vulnerable young people where and when they need it most; regardless of age, religion, sexuality or gender.

The new facilities will give disadvantaged young people a safe place to shower, and to wind down by playing basketball.

Thanks to Father Chris Riley from Youth Off The Streets, and General Manager Rosanna Barbero from the Addison Road Community Centre for having me here today.



Aug 18, 2017

Community Encouraged to make Submissions on WestConnex

Today the Environmental Impact Statement for Stage 3 of the WestConnex project has been released by the NSW Coalition Government.


The fact that the planning for the most important stage of the project has not been finalised, even though the project has been under construction for a number of years highlights the debacle that this failure to properly plan represents.


The so-called “final stage” of the project still does not go to either the Port of Botany or Sydney Airport.


Dealing with traffic from the Port was the original task identified by Infrastructure NSW for this project.


Even though planning is still underway, every single dollar of Federal grant funding from the Federal Coalition Government has already been forwarded to the NSW Coalition Government, which now plans to sell a majority stake in the project.


This week I asked the Speaker to write to the Minister for Urban Infrastructure to ascertain reasons why he has not complied with Standing Orders, which require answers to Questions on Notice to be provided within 60 days.


Minister Fletcher has failed to fulfil these requirements when it comes to questions I have asked related to the WestConnex project.


I encourage members of the local community to examine the proposed EIS and make submissions to by 16 October 2017.



Aug 18, 2017

Minister won’t Answer Questions on WestConnex

Back in May I asked the Minister for Urban Infrastructure Paul Fletcher to answer questions in relation to community concerns about the WestConnex project.


More than three months later, the questions remain unanswered.


Minister Fletcher was given the ample time limit of 60 days to answer queries related to the toll road.


These included exactly what steps the Federal and NSW State governments have taken to mitigate taxpayers having to foot the bill for the acquisition of the Dan Murphy’s at 7 Darley Road in Leichhardt.


Now that Minister Fletcher’s time is up I have asked the Speaker of the House of Representatives Tony Smith to seek reason as to why the Inner West has had to wait more than three months for answers to straightforward questions about this disruptive development in our community.


That the Minister responsible for urban infrastructure can’t respond to simple questions about an urban roads project, speaks volumes about the vagueness of the design and development of WestConnex.


I will continue to call on Minister Fletcher, and the Federal and NSW State Governments to take responsibility and to provide accurate information to the community about further developments to the WestConnex project.



Aug 7, 2017

Walers take the Sydney Reclink Community Cup

On Sunday the Inner West community watched the Western Walers win the Sydney Reclink Community Cup, for the first time in its six year run.

The Walers, representing the music industry, took the cup from the Sydney Sailors, representing the media, and in particular community radio, in an upset of 72-39.

As assistant coach for the Walers, I was pleased to open the day’s activities at Henson Park in Marrickville, for Reclink Australia with founder John Ballis.

The match is an exciting event that raises money for the Reclink Organisation, a charity that helps at-risk and underprivileged youth get their lives back on track through engagement in sport and arts programs.

Established in Victoria, the cup now operates nationally with the money raised each year providing thousands of opportunities for disadvantaged young people.

I look forward to the next match and to pushing the agenda of this fantastic organisation in the federal parliament.


Jul 31, 2017

Small business in the inner west

Tomorrow morning I will be meeting with shop owners in the Inner West, along with the Shadow Minister for Small Business, Senator Katy Gallagher, to discuss the issues faced by the sector.

We will be visiting two popular small businesses in Marrickville, Blooms the Chemist and Kelby’s Café; which has kept the Inner West and my own office in great coffee for years.

Malcolm Turnbull is very good at telling people that the Coalition is the best friend of small business, however, actions speak louder than words.

Small businesses make up 97% of all businesses in Australia and employ more than 4.7 million Australians, contributing $343 billion to the economy.

It is important that governments at all levels engage frequently with smaller operators, to identify and address the issues faced by them, to help strengthen our economy.

Labor will engage with small businesses in Australia, instead of just talking about it.


Jul 28, 2017

Public School students show flair for the arts

Tonight I will be speaking at the opening of the Public School Arts Festival, an opportunity for our youngest Australians to showcase their creativity during Education Week.

The event, hosted at the StirrUp Gallery in Marrickville, will feature artworks from the students of more than a dozen public schools from across the Inner West.

The works are inspired by the values of the gallery – diversity, belonging and sustainability. Values that speak to the core of our local community.

Showcases centred on the talents of our public school students are only made possible by proper support from all levels of government.

While Malcolm Turnbull has put back $2 million into our schools in the Inner West, there is still the $8 million missing that was promised as part of the full Gonski funding.

I would like to congratulate the Inner City Teachers’ Association, the Addison Road Community Centre and the public school students and teachers for putting on such an exceptional event.


Jun 16, 2017

Sydney Craft Brewers Join Forces

Craft brewers in Sydney’s Inner West have formed an industry association that aims to turn the precinct into the craft beer capital of Australia.

The formation of the Inner West Brewery Association follows a forum of microbrewers I hosted in March to explore ways in which the Federal Government can assist the burgeoning industry, which is worth $400 million a year.

Among the concerns of the brewers is the fact that Commonwealth excise rates are higher for small kegs than larger kegs, which puts the brewers at a competitive disadvantage in relation to big brewers.

I am disappointed this anomaly was not addressed in the 2017 Budget but will continue to support the industry in its push for sensible reform as well as regulatory change at the state and local government levels.

Indeed, I intend to move a motion supporting the craft beer industry in the House of Representatives next Monday.

Craft brewing offers huge potential for jobs growth in the brewing and hospitality sectors in Sydney and around the nation.

There are also great opportunities for craft beer tourism – whereby operators set up walking tours for enthusiasts who visit several breweries to sample different types of beer.

Craft beer tours are already available in the Inner West as well as in Adelaide and Melbourne and other parts of the country. I look forward to working with the new association to seek to further exploit that potential.

If we get the policy settings right, craft brewing could deliver thousands of new jobs.

The Inner West Craft Brewery Association includes Wayward Brewing Company, Young Henry’s, Batch Brewing Company, Willie the Boatman and Grifter Brewing Company.

FRIDAY, 16 JUNE, 2017

May 29, 2017

Welcoming the Babies in Balmain

On Saturday the doors of Balmain’s Town Hall were thrown open to greet families from the Inner West for Welcoming the Babies, an event I have now hosted four times, to help celebrate the arrival of the newest citizens in Grayndler.

This is the first time Welcoming the Babies has been held within the new boundaries of my electorate on the Balmain peninsula.

The event was a fantastic opportunity to celebrate our growing local community and recognise the hard work of parents and guardians. The ongoing baby boom in Balmain and neighbouring suburbs is something to celebrate

Welcoming the Babies is also a great way to find out about local community services and I thank the many local businesses and organisations who donated gifts and provided information for the packs that were presented to families.

I look forward to hosting the event again in the near future.


May 19, 2017

Bus privatisation will hit Inner West commuters hard

The NSW Government’s planned privatisation of Inner West bus services will result in worse not better transport for commuters across the region.

As the Member for Grayndler and the Shadow Minister for Transport I will fight alongside the public to prevent this privatisation from proceeding.

The sell-off of services will lead to routes being cut, jobs being lost, fares increasing and service levels dropping.

Hundreds of thousands of people in the Inner West, including workers, students and pensioners depend heavily on public bus services. Any reduction in services will have a real impact on their lives.

Andrew Constance has launched this attack on Inner West passengers without warning.

His actions have caused disruption to services and Premier Berejiklian should step in before the Minister does any more damage.



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