Mar 5, 2019

Media Release – Hobart Deserves Better than Scott Morrison’s Dud City Deal – Tuesday, 5 March, 2019

State and Federal Labor have met with Hobart’s four mayors to discuss the Liberals’ dud deal for the city, committing to ensure southern Tasmania doesn’t keep missing out.

Every element of the Liberals’ City Deal falls short of what is required for Hobart with scant detail and missed opportunities. The deal includes more questions than it does answers.

It is little wonder residents of Hobart are so sceptical of Scott Morrison’s dud deal – he couldn’t even travel into the city to announce it.

It is still unclear if any money committed to Antarctic research will end up in Hobart, with Macquarie Point continuing to sit dormant and disused.

The money committed to the Northern Suburbs light rail appears to deliver nothing more than yet another study.

The commitment for Hobart Airport is the Government simply providing money that it will have to provide anyway if international passenger flights are secured.

As traffic congestion grows and opportunities for growth are wasted, this isn’t good enough.

Labor will continue to work closely with Hobart’s councils to see the potential of Tasmania’s capital fully realised.

We will honour the elements of any signed City Deal, if the money is in the Budget, but will build upon it under our City Partnerships program, which will involve better consultation with communities through their local governments.

The Federal Liberals have been too distracted by chaos and division to focus on delivering for Hobart. Southern Tasmania has been left off the map under the Liberals.

They have a terrible track record of funding projects in Southern Tasmania – over promising and under delivering again and again.

The public know they can’t trust the Federal Liberals to deliver on the Hobart City Deal for Southern Tasmania.

It will take a Shorten Labor Government to provide Tasmania with the infrastructure investment required to boost productivity and enhance Tasmanians’ quality of life.