Jan 21, 2019

Media Release – LNP’s Plan to Cut Bruce Highway Funding Revealed – Monday, 21 January, 2019

The Morrison LNP Government will slash Federal investment in the Bruce Highway by $700 million if it wins the coming election, according to new figures released by its own Infrastructure Department.

In its 2017 Budget the current Government promised to invest $3.5 billion upgrading key sections of the Highway over the three years between 2018-19 and 2020-21.

However, figures recently obtained by the Senate’s Rural and Regional Affairs and Transport Committee reveal the Government will actually invest $2.8 billion over that period of time.

That’s $700 million – or 20 per cent – less than originally promised.

It will reduce the pace of progress on the Bruce Highway upgrade, delaying the productivity gains that would trigger faster economic growth and greater regional job creation.

This is an indictment on Liberal-National Party MPs like George Christensen, Ken O’Dowd and Michelle Landry, who should publicly explain why they were missing in action when the Government decided upon the cut.

The money being cut from the Bruce Highway Upgrade Program is more than what would be required to build the Rockhampton Ring Road, or the second stage of the Mackay Ring Road, or the fifth stage of the Townsville Ring Road.

The Coalition has spent five years trying to mislead Queenslanders about its commitment to infrastructure investment.

But its record is one of cuts and broken promises.

Indeed, the Government’s own Budget documents show that in its first five Budgets, it promised $7.2 billion in infrastructure grants to Queensland, but delivered $6.1 billion.

In the light of these broken promises, Queenslanders should be wary about infrastructure promises the Coalition makes in the upcoming Federal election campaign.

Based on the record, whatever is promised will not be delivered in full.