Oct 26, 2004

Appointment to Shadow Cabinet


MEDIA RELEASE: Anthony Albanese – 26 October 2004

I am delighted to be appointed by Labor Leader Mark Latham to serve in the Shadow Cabinet as Shadow Minister for the Environment and Heritage.

I pay tribute to my colleague Kelvin Thomson MP for the strong and coherent environmental policy he developed and which Labor took to the 2004 election.

It was a policy that will help progress the national debate in key areas including climate change; salinity; water flow along the Murray-Darling Rivers; protection of coastal ecosystems; the Daintree; and Tasmania’s old growth forests. Importantly, the basis of Labor’s approach is that environmental sustainability is a necessary component of future economic and employment growth.

Environmental challenges will be amongst the must difficult issues confronting governments over the coming decades and I look forward to advocating real solutions in consultation with local communities, environmental groups, trade unions and industry.

I thank all those in the employment and training sectors who I have worked with over the past 2 years in my capacity as Shadow Minister for Employment Services and Training. Without a doubt they are passionate people committed to helping their fellow Australians achieve the security that only comes with having a meaningful job. The Government’s failure to look after the very long term unemployed and address skill shortages remain outstanding issues.

I am also pleased to take on the added responsibility of Deputy Manager of Opposition Business in the House of Representatives. It is vital that the floor of the Parliament be used to hold the Government accountable.