Sep 12, 2006

Howard isolated on climate change

Howard isolated on climate change


12 September 2006

John Howard is becoming increasingly isolated on climate change.

Last week, John Howard said he was “sceptical” about “gloomy” climate change predictions.

Today, Rupert Murdoch’s Sun newspaper in London lined up squarely behind Al Gore. The Sun’s front page is headed “Man the lifeboats! Will your town be under water if global warming takes hold?” The Sun’s editorial states:

"Too many of us have spent too long in denial over the threat from global warming. The evidence is now irresistible: Searing summers and dry winters in the UK; increasingly frequent tornados and hurricanes worldwide; the shrinking Arctic ice cap."

Al Gore’s documentary, An Inconvenient Truth, outlines the scientific consensus that climate change has led to a significant increase in both the duration and intensity of hurricanes, and a drop in rainfall in agricultural areas.

The science behind the documentary is consistent with the Howard Government’s own Climate Change Risk and Vulnerability Report.

When asked last night on the 7:30 Report about the Prime Minister’s scepticism, Al Gore stated:

“He is increasingly alone in that view among people who’ve really looked at the science. The so-called "gloomy predictions" are predictions of what would happen if we did not act. It’s not a question of mood. It’s a question of reality. And, you know, there’s no longer debate over whether the earth is round or flat, though there are some few people who still think it’s flat, we generally ignore that view because the evidence has mounted to the point where we understand that it shouldn’t be taken seriously.”

The Howard Government has independent reports and expert advice from the CSIRO stating that, if strong action is not taken, temperatures and sea levels will rise to dangerous levels.

John Howard knows climate change is a serious threat to Australia’s economy and environment, but he is ignoring the inconvenient truth.