May 13, 2016

Liberals mislead on Tonsley project

The Turnbull Government has not provided a single extra dollar to South Australia in today’s announcement of funding for the Tonsley Link.

This is a cut and a re-announcement of a former Labor project rolled into one.

In 2012, the former Federal Labor Government allocated $232 million for the Goodwood & Torrens Junctions Upgrades. This included the Leader Street Grade Separation. The project was recommended by Infrastructure Australia.

A year later the former Federal Labor Government allocated $31.5 million to the Tonsley Park Public Transport Project.

But in 2014, the incoming Coalition Federal Government cut more than $4 billion that had been allocated to public transport projects around the nation, including the Tonsley funding.

Now, after three wasted years on public transport, it has cut the 2012 project to return funds to further develop the Tonsley project it defunded in 2014.

This money go-round is a sleight of hand on the eve of an election that adds nothing to Federal support for South Australia.

Australian Bureau of Statistics figures show public sector infrastructure investment has fallen by 20 per cent on the Coalition’s watch.

A Shorten Labor Government will invest in public transport as well as roads to make our cities productive, sustainable and liveable.