Jul 2, 2013

M80 drivers get a feel for new lanes in the west

Motorists will enjoy a safer ride with the opening of a third lane in each direction on the M80 Ring Road between Sunshine Avenue and Ballarat Road.

“The extra lane will reduce congestion by improving the flow of traffic for the 140,000 daily users,” says Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Infrastructure and Transport Anthony Albanese.

“We know that renewing and expanding Melbourne’s road and rail infrastructure requires a genuine partnership between all levels of Government.”

“That is why in our 2013 Budget, we committed an additional $525 million to complete the widening of the entire M80 corridor,” Mr Albanese said.

Victorian Minister for Roads, Terry Mulder said drivers can look forward to more key milestones to come, as works between the Western Highway and Sunshine Avenue near completion.

“When complete, there will be four lanes in each direction, meaning greater safety and more consistent travel times on one of Melbourne’s key freeways,” said Mr Mulder.

“Installation of the Freeway Management System is underway, including overhead electronic lane signs, variable speed limit signs, CCTV cameras and an upgrade to communications networks and central control systems.

“This new infrastructure will help the management of traffic flow, clearing crashes quickly and providing real-time traffic updates to drivers,” said Mr Mulder.

These works between the Western Highway and Sunshine Avenue will be completed later this year.

Mr Albanese said the $2.25 billion M80 Ring Road upgrade is jointly funded by the Federal ($1.39 billion) and Victorian Governments and will improve safety and reduce congestion along 38 kilometres from Laverton North to Greensborough.