Jan 17, 2013

New Maranoa River Bridge

A new elevated bridge will soon replace the flood-damaged structure on the Warrego Highway at the Maranoa River east of Mitchell, with the Federal and Queensland Governments today approving an additional $8 million ($4 million each) in funding.

Federal Infrastructure and Transport Minister Anthony Albanese said the new bridge would be partly funded out of savings from other Nation Building Programs in the state.

“Through best practice in construction, we’re driving every dollar further, and with a number of Nation Building projects in Queensland successfully completed under budget, we are allocating savings to the Roma to Mitchell upgrade on the Warrego Highway,” said Mr Albanese.

“The replacement bridge at the Maranoa River will be 18 metres longer and almost a metre higher than the existing bridge, significantly above the height of the 2011 flood.

“Past experience shows that this section of the Warrego Highway is prone to flooding. Flood proofing this section will greatly reduce the vulnerability of Roma and Mitchell residents and businesses being cut off from coastal areas of the State as well as Toowoomba.”

Queensland Transport and Main Roads Minister Scott Emerson said the Warrego Highway upgrade between Roma and Mitchell would support the regional economy by allowing road trains access to Roma.

“As well as the new Maranoa River Bridge, the project will see reconstruction of pavements, strengthening and widening of sections of the highway and construction of a new breakdown facility west of Roma,” said Mr Emerson.

The funding approved today brings the Federal Labor Government’s commitment to the project to $44 million, with the Queensland Government providing the remaining $14 million.  Works are currently underway on the new bridge with completion due late this year.


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Map of Warrego Highway including new Maranoa River Bridge