Oct 6, 2005

Our Public Healthcare System: The Need for Reform

Our Public Healthcare System: The Need for Reform


6 October 2005

Anthony Albanese MP, Federal Member for Grayndler, has invited the Shadow Minister for Health, Julia Gillard MP and the National Vice President of the Doctors Reform Society, Dr Con Costa to address a Grayndler Community Forum about the state of our public healthcare system.

“This with be the seventh in our series of community forums, all of which have addressed the key issues of concern to Grayndler residents,” said Mr Albanese.

“My constituents continually raise with me the state of our public healthcare system – a system on which they rely.”

“Like never before, families are being stung in the hip pocket to pay for essential health needs. The cost of medicines and Private Health Insurance premiums are spiralling out of reach of ordinary families in our community.”

“The Howard government continues to increase costs and reduce services.”

“This government has continued to fail our community in providing affordable and accessible health services. The government’s failure to train enough doctors and nurses has lead to drastic shortages.”

“As our population ages, we must be prepared for the added pressures this will place on our healthcare system. We need to look after our ageing parents and neighbours.”

“It is clear that our healthcare system needs an overhaul,” said Mr Albanese.

The Public Forum will be held at Marrickville Town Hall on Tuesday 18 October, commencing at 8pm.