May 31, 2007

Questions without Notice – Climate Change (1)

Questions without Notice – Climate Change (1)

31 May 2007

Mr ALBANESE (3.05 p.m.)—My question is to the Prime Minister. I again refer him to his government’s secret 2006 taxpayer funded opinion poll. Will the Prime Minister confirm the existence of this poll? Was this polling provided to the advertising agency as part of the brief for the government’s non-existent climate change advertising campaign? Did the poll find that 94 per cent of respondents agreed that the climate was changing and that the number of respondents who believed the government had the prime responsibility to act had almost doubled between 2003 and 2006, the same time that the government changed its rhetoric on climate change? Isn’t it the case that the only thing the Prime Minister is concerned about is the changing political climate, not climate change itself?

Mr HOWARD—I have already indicated in answer to the Leader of the Opposition that I do not know whether that poll exists or not, but I will find out.

Mr Albanese interjecting—

Mr HOWARD—Well, he may. I do not know who has got it. I will make inquiries. You excite my interest and fascination, which is a change.