Sep 6, 2011

Release of Car Emissions Discussion Paper

The Gillard Labor Government has released a discussion paper outlining the issues involved in the setting of mandatory standards to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from passenger vehicles from 2015.

Car manufacturers, designers, importers and exporters play a critical role in helping the community cut carbon emissions in Australia.

The Government has been working with industry on setting a fair target to reduce the impact of car emissions on global warming.

The paper sets out how reductions in carbon dioxide emissions from vehicles could be achieved and we invite industry, environment groups and the wider community to comment.

Cars and other light vehicles contribute around 55 million tonnes of carbon emissions to our atmosphere each year, so the light vehicle sector is an important area for action if we are to achieve our national five per cent target for carbon reduction by 2025.

Mandatory vehicle emissions standards are internationally recognised as one of the most cost effective ways for industry and consumers to reduce transport emissions.

The potential emission reduction targets explored in the discussion paper, if implemented, would reduce our carbon dioxide emissions by millions of tonnes every year.

Lower emissions in cars would also give Australians better mileage from their vehicles which means households could reduce their carbon footprint while reducing their fuel costs.

The Government is committed to working closely with industry to develop standards that will contribute to the important task of cutting CO2 emissions and creating a greener future for Australians.

Comments can be submitted for the next three months – for more information go to: