Apr 4, 2012

Renmark Avenue upgrade – builder selected

Tolmer Roadworks has secured the contract to upgrade key intersections along Renmark Avenue in the South Australian town of Renmark, with work on this $5.46 million project expected to start as soon as next week.

Renmark Avenue forms part of the Sturt Highway, named in honour of one of Australia’s original explorers Captain Charles Sturt who was the first European to pass through the area now occupied by the town of Renmark. The Highway is part of the main inland route connecting Adelaide to Sydney.

Once fully completed in September 2012, the improvements will deliver smoother, more efficient driving conditions for about 10,200 motorists and truck drivers who pass through the town every day, as well as better safety for local pedestrians.

The Federal Labor Government is contributing funding to the project through its Nation Building Program.

Upgrades in Renmark Avenue include:

  • Building a roundabout at the intersection with Eighteenth Street.
  • Installing a “seagull island” treatment in the medium strip at Twentieth Street intersection and a new right turn only lane into Industry Road.
  • Widening the central median strip at the intersection with Twenty-First Street as well as realigning its southbound lane – measures which will improve safety for turning traffic and give drivers a better line of sight.
  • Closing the right turn into and out of Twenty-Third Street.

This project is one of many now underway around South Australia as a result of Federal Labor’s unprecedented $2.7 billion investment in the State’s road, rail and public transport infrastructure.

The investment is double what our predecessors spent over a similar period of time.