Jul 31, 2017

Small business in the inner west

Tomorrow morning I will be meeting with shop owners in the Inner West, along with the Shadow Minister for Small Business, Senator Katy Gallagher, to discuss the issues faced by the sector.

We will be visiting two popular small businesses in Marrickville, Blooms the Chemist and Kelby’s Café; which has kept the Inner West and my own office in great coffee for years.

Malcolm Turnbull is very good at telling people that the Coalition is the best friend of small business, however, actions speak louder than words.

Small businesses make up 97% of all businesses in Australia and employ more than 4.7 million Australians, contributing $343 billion to the economy.

It is important that governments at all levels engage frequently with smaller operators, to identify and address the issues faced by them, to help strengthen our economy.

Labor will engage with small businesses in Australia, instead of just talking about it.