Nov 14, 2016

Time to get on with Wanneroo upgrades

The Turnbull Government must fast track and expand its promised work on upgrading Wanneroo Road to tackle the traffic congestion that is holding back Perth’s economic growth and eroding our quality of life.

During the recent election campaign both Labor and the Coalition promised to upgrade the intersection of Wanneroo and Ocean Reef Roads.

Labor also offered investment for the construction of an overpass at Joondalup Drive.

Traffic congestion is not only a daily annoyance for commuters, but also acts as a hand brake on the productivity growth we need to underpin future jobs growth.

Infrastructure Australia has warned that unless the Government moves on the problem now, it will cost the nation $53 billion a year in lost productivity by 2031.

The Government should take that advice on board and lift its commitment to deliver both Wanneroo Road projects as soon as possible.

It should also commit investment for the Perth METRONET urban rail project.

Perth needs a properly integrated transport system that includes railways as well as roads.

While the Prime Minister has declared himself a public transport enthusiast, he has failed to match his rhetoric with investment.

It is good that Mr Turnbull rides on trains but it is time he actually invested in trains.