Sep 29, 2017

Time to transfer land to Leichhardt Campus

In February this year I joined with students and parents from Sydney Secondary College Leichhardt Campus to fight the Berejiklian Government’s absurd proposal to use land adjoining the school into a Westconnex construction site.

Thanks to the hard work of everyone involved we forced the NSW Liberal Government to back down from their proposal.

Instead of turning land adjacent to one of the Inner West’s most overcrowded high school campuses into a construction site, the NSW Government now has an opportunity to provide much needed space for educational, creative and recreational use by the students at the Leichhardt Campus.

That’s why today I am calling on the Premier, Gladys Berejiklian, and the Education Minister, Rob Stokes, to begin the process of transferring the disused tram sheds to the NSW Department of Education.

This issue was raised earlier this year when Minister Ayres visited the site and refused to rule it out as a dive site.

Making this land available for use of students will relieve overcrowding and improve the learning environment for the whole school community.