Nov 20, 2014

$500 million in cuts easy as ABC for coalition

Local residents will notice some of their favourite programs disappear as the Coalition takes their axe once more to the ABC and SBS.

Jobs may also be at risks as the Coalition’s cuts now exceed $500 million.

ABC’s Media Watch program said as a result of the cuts Friday’s state-based 7:30 program will be axed, Lateline will be cut back, ABC radio will be affected, and between 400 and 500 people will find themselves unemployed.

The ABC and SBS play an important role in providing news and Australian-based entertainment to our communities.

The Inner West is a remarkably diverse area that benefits from language specific radio and television programs.

The Coalition has broken their promise of ‘no cuts to the ABC and SBS’ and is letting communities across Australia who rely on these channels down.

I am committed to campaigning against these cuts.