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Anthony's Story

Mum’s aspiration was that my life would turn out better than hers. It was because of her that a working class kid from a council flat would one day become our country’s Prime Minister.

This is what drives me.

My mum raised me in public housing as a single parent. In 1963, that was a brave call. Mum’s aspiration was that my life would turn out better than hers.

It was because of her that a working class boy from council housing would one day become our country’s Prime Minister. I owe her everything.

It's her belief in a better future that drives me.

My vision is an Australia where everyone has the opportunity to achieve their aspirations and enjoys the benefits of a well-paid, secure job.


1963. Where it all began.

Anthony was born to a single mum, Maryanne, in council housing in Sydney’s inner west. Life wasn’t easy. A lot of things were uncertain, but one thing wasn’t – Maryanne’s determination that her son’s life would be better than her own. It was from Maryanne that Anthony learned the values of social justice and fairness.

1984. The transformative power of education.

Anthony was the first person in his family to finish school, let alone university. After juggling multiple jobs while studying full time, he graduated from the University of Sydney with a Bachelor of Economics. Anthony knows the impact that a good education can have on your life.

1996. A voice for his community.

Anthony was elected as the Federal Member for Grayndler, representing the community that he grew up in almost 30 years before. In his first speech, he said, “For myself, I will be satisfied if I can be remembered as someone who will stand up for the interests of my electorate, for working-class people, for the labour movement, and for our progressive advancement as a nation into the next century.”

1998. Always fighting for what he believes.

Anthony introduced a bill to grant same-sex couples the same superannuation benefits as heterosexual couples. The bill failed. He would reintroduce the bill three more times – not because it was popular, but because it was the right thing to do. Anthony’s bill was eventually passed after the election of the Rudd Labor Government in 2007, along with 84 other changes to Commonwealth laws to eliminate discrimination against same-sex couples and their children.

2000. Nathan is born.

Anthony’s son Nathan is born. Just as his mum Maryanne dreamed of a better life for her son, Anthony dreams of a better life for Nathan. It’s what drives him to build a better, fairer Australia.

2006. Leading on the issues that matter.

After becoming Labor’s Shadow Minister for the Environment, and before it was a household topic, Anthony developed Labor’s Climate Change Blueprint, which became the basis of Labor’s action in government, including increasing the renewable energy target tenfold to 20 per cent by 2020. Today, Anthony leads a Labor Party that proudly supports net zero emissions by 2050.

2007. Building for the future and creating jobs for Australians.

Labor won the federal election and Anthony was sworn in as Australia’s first federal infrastructure minister, and created Infrastructure Australia as one of the first reforms of the incoming government. In the depths of the Global Financial Crisis, Labor knew that Australia needed to build its way to recovery. Australia would double its roads budget and increase rail investment tenfold, creating thousands of jobs across Australia.

2008. Finally, Australia says sorry.

On the first day of Parliament after the 2007 federal election, Kevin Rudd delivered the Apology to the Stolen Generations. It marked the beginning of a new chapter in the road to reconciliation with the First Australians. It remains Anthony’s proudest day as a Member of Parliament.

2012. Care that Australians deserve.

The Gillard Labor Government introduced legislation to create the National Disability Insurance Scheme. For Anthony, it was personal. His mum spent much of her life on a disability pension after her joints were cripped with arthritis. In 2013, with Prime Minister Gillard, Anthony shepherded the National Disability Insurance Scheme through Parliament, promising a new level of care for every Australian.

2013. From houso to Deputy Prime Minister.

Anthony was appointed Deputy Prime Minister in the new Rudd Labor Government. In his first speech, he said, “It says a great thing about our nation that the son of a parent who grew up in a council house in Sydney could be Deputy Prime Minister.”

2019. Leader of the Australian Labor Party.

Anthony was unanimously elected as the new Leader of the Australian Labor Party. He has worked tirelessly throughout the pandemic to make sure no one is held back, and no one is left behind.

2022. Prime Minister of Australia.

Australia voted for change. Anthony led the Labor Party to victory at the federal election. Now, the Labor government is getting to work on delivering a better future for all Australians.

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