Jun 10, 2004

6.7 Billion reasons to ban plastic bags from the Grayndler environment


MEDIA RELEASE: Anthony Albanese – 10 June 2004

There are 6.7 billion reasons why plastic bags should be banned, says Anthony Albanese MP, all of which spell good news for the Grayndler environment.

The ugly sight of plastic bag litter in the creeks, waterways and parks of the inner city are set to become a long-forgotten image with the Federal Labor Party announcing it will ban the use of free plastic carry bags in shops and supermarkets by 2007.

“Labor is committing to phasing down the use of plastic bags, and is relying on the goodwill of the Grayndler community to achieve it,” Mr Albanese said.

“Residents in Grayndler always like to do the right thing by the environment and I believe they will again to end the use of plastic bags.

“Plastic bags are bad news for our environment. They clog up our rivers, pollute our oceans, kill our wildlife and increase the demand for landfills.

“There are far better alternatives available to retailers and consumers, which are user-friendly, durable and cost-efficient.

Many shoppers in this electorate have already taken advantage of the canvass bags and re-usable bags retailers have made available to their customers. Marrickville council also contributed to this campaign by distributing calico bags to all homes in January this year.

“The challenge now is to keep these efforts going, and for the whole community to fully commit to eradicating the use of plastic bags in shops and supermarkets.

6.7 billion plastic bags are used in Australia each year, of which each can last for up to 1000 years. Labor has established a timetable for the ban on free plastic carry bags which would see:

• A 25 per cent reduction by the end of 2004;

• A 50 per cent reduction by the end of 2005;

• A 100 per cent reduction by the end of 2006; and,

• A legislated ban by the end of 2007.