Mar 26, 2013

$60 billion in projects on National Infrastructure Construction Schedule

Less than a year after its launch, the number of infrastructure projects on the National Infrastructure Construction Schedule website (NICS) has almost doubled to 103, with a value of over $60 billion.

The NICS was created by this Labor Government and for the first time in Australian history provides the infrastructure sector with a database of all known and forecast infrastructure investment by all three levels of Government.

The NICS has already received nearly 2 million hits, confirming this information is high in demand both locally and overseas.

Over time, the NICS will open up and attract more participants into the sector, which in turn will be good for competition and the price taxpayers ultimately pay to build the modern, well-planned infrastructure Australia needs for the future.

A package of improvements to the site has now gone live, making the NICS website easier to navigate. For the first time, subscribers can also access instant updates about individual projects, as well as information about upcoming projects.

The NICS upgrade also provides an improved project search function and the ability to upload or download all the information on an individual project. In addition, projects that cross state borders will now be able to be captured through the search function.

New projects recently added to the NICS include the $1.6 billion Port of Melbourne Port Capacity Project and the $300 million Blacktown Mt Druitt Hospital Stage 1 Expansion which are both at the Tender stage; as well as the Mental Health Program Phase 2 and the Critical Infrastructure Projects in Queensland which are both in the Planning stage.

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