Sep 5, 2005

A strong new measure to Avoid Dangerous Climate Change

A strong new measure to Avoid Dangerous Climate Change

MEDIA RELEASE – Anthony Albanese MP

5 September 2005

Anthony Albanese today moved the Avoiding Dangerous Climate Change (Climate Change Trigger) Bill 2005.

The Private Members Bill will amend the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 to provide a climate change trigger that will ensure large scale greenhouse polluting projects are assessed by the Federal Government.

The glaring gap in Australia’s environment protection law is climate change. The Private Member’s Bill closes that gap.

The climate change trigger will enable major new projects to be assessed for their climate change impact as part of any environmental assessment process, and will ensure that new developments represent best practice.

Labor stands for immediate action to avoid dangerous climate change.

In Australia there is still no national climate change strategy and the Howard Government is on track to increase its greenhouse pollution by 23% by 2020.

Instead of confusion and complacency, Australia needs action and it needs it now.

The Howard Government is mismanaging Australia’s response to climate change and has left us unprepared for our great environmental challenges.

The Private Members Bill provides the Minister must consider whether emissions of carbon dioxide that are likely to result from major new projects will be minimised by the use of best practice environmental management and low emissions technology.

This provides some substance to the Government’s commitments under the Asia-Pacific Partnership on Clean Development and Climate.

We understand a proposal for a climate change trigger has been with the Federal Environment Minister since 2001.

It’s time for the procrastination to end. We urge the Government to support this Private Members Bill.