Jun 26, 2015

Abbott cuts infrastructure funding to SA

Tony Abbott has cut $318 million from job-creating South Australian infrastructure projects despite the state having the nation’s highest unemployment rate.

This cut is part of a $2 billion reduction over the next two years compared to what Tony Abbott allocated in his previous Budget.

The Coalition Government has reducing national infrastructure spending by 11.2 per cent over the next four years, with the Parliamentary Budget Office this week confirming the downward trend.

The South Australian cuts in this year’s Budget include reductions in the North-South Corridor, Goodwood and Torrens Rail Junction Upgrade, Heavy Vehicle Safety and Productivity Program and the Bridges Renewal Program.

The former Labor Government almost tripled annual infrastructure spending from $109 to $272 per South Australian, including the construction of South Australia’s first electrified rail line to Seaford.

The project created 2000 jobs, with 63 per cent of the workforce residing locally in southern Adelaide. More than 15,000 people use the line every weekday and more than 4 million journeys have been taken since the opening in February 2014.

Upon being elected Tony Abbott cancelled every dollar of public transport funding including $76 million federal funding from the Gawler line electrification project and $31.5 million for the Tonsley Park Public Transport Project.

Only a federal Labor Government will invest in the job-creating, productivity boosting infrastructure that South Australia needs.