Jun 11, 2014

Abbott kidding Queensland on Bruce Highway

More than half of the Abbott Government’s commitment to spending on the Bruce Highway has been put off to the next decade.

Senate Estimates committee hearings have confirmed there is no new money on the horizon for the Bruce Highway.

To conceal this fact Infrastructure Minister Warren Truss states that funding is locked-in, confirmed, affirmed, reconfirmed or recommitted.

But whatever synonym Mr Truss uses for the term re-announcement, the fact remains there are no new projects.

As Mr Truss has been travelling up and down Queensland coast looking for photo opportunities this week, he has been re-announcing investments already included in the Budget by the previous Labor Government.

This should not be surprising. During its six years in office Labor invested $5.7 billion in the Bruce Highway, dwarfing the $1.3 billion spent by the previous Howard Government over nearly 12 years.

Labor delivered four times the funding half the time.

Instead of re-announcements old projects, Mr Truss should be apologising for the broken promises and savage spending cuts that dominated last month’s Budget.