Sep 14, 2015

Abbott misleads Parliament

Tony Abbott must apologise to Parliament for misleading it over the Perth Gateway road project by falsely claiming Labor had provided no funding for the much-needed upgrade of roads around the Perth Airport.

The former Labor Government provided $686 million for Gateway WA in 2011 and work began soon after, with a formal ceremony on 1 February, 2013. The first stage was opened in 2013.

Yet when I asked Mr Abbott in Parliament today whether he had provided any additional funding for Gateway WA, the Prime Minister claimed Labor had failed to fund the project.

His misleading of Parliament followed his farcical attempt on Sunday to win media coverage by claiming he was opening the project, which is in fact not due to be completed until 2016.

Since taking office Mr Abbott has failed to commence a single new infrastructure project in WA.

Instead, he has taken his Magical Infrastructure Re-announcement Tour into WA on numerous occasions, re-announcing projects developed and funded by the former Labor Government as though they were new.

But his claim over Gateway WA takes his deception to a new level.

Even as Mr Abbott was being sworn in, work was underway on Gateway WA.

Mr Abbott should stop re-announcing projects he had nothing to do with and instead get on with developing the next wave on productivity-enhancing infrastructure to sustain jobs growth into the future.