Mar 20, 2015

Abbott Must Invest in Tasmanian Infrastructure

 Tony Abbott must deliver additional funding for Tasmanian infrastructure in the May Budget to make up for his savage cuts in last year’s Budget.

 Last year Mr Abbott cut Tasmanian infrastructure investment, slicing $100 million off the Midland Highway upgrade project, despite pretending he increased funding.

 The remainder of his 2014-15 Budget did not include a dollar of additional spending beyond that which had been allocated by the previous Labor Government.

 Despite this Mr Abbott and his ministers have tried to con Tasmanians by constantly re-announcing projects planned, funded and in most cases delivered by the former Labor Government, such as the Brooke Street Pier.

 It is time for Mr Abbott to end the Magical Infrastructure Re-announcement Tour and outline his plans for future investment in projects that will boost Tasmania’s productivity and its ability to generate new jobs.

 Governing a nation requires carefully considered planning about future infrastructure needs to put in place the roads and other infrastructure that will allow the economy to thrive.

 That requires new ideas and new investment.

 In Tasmania, Mr Abbott’s only new idea about infrastructure spending was his proposal to give chocolate manufacturer Cadbury a $16 million grant which, after months of saying it would happen, he has now abandoned.

 Following his narrow escape from being dumped by his colleagues, Mr Abbott promised he would begin delivering good government.

He can start doing that for Tasmania on Budget day.