Mar 5, 2013

Abbott Walks Away From Sydney Motorists

Tony Abbott has today walked away from his commitment to making sure that Westconnex road proposal makes it easier for people to get into the City – one of its supposed goals.

Less than two months ago, Mr Abbott said it wasn’t good enough that the proposal from the O’Farrell Government didn’t include a connection to the City and made his funding conditional on it having one:

“The WestConnex project is still evolving, but we’ll ensure there’s an expressway-standard road from the west to the city as part of our commitment.  It has to be in there.


This reaffirmed the comments he made twelve months ago:

“This means … above all, finally building the M4 East from the Anzac Bridge to the expressway at Strathfield.  This would give the people of western Sydney a proper link to the business and cultural heart of our metropolis.”


But today – and despite being repeatedly asked – Mr Abbott refused to say whether what he said in January as well as in March 2012 remained his position.  This refusal simply confirms that he’s more interested in playing politics than standing up for Sydney motorists.

The Federal Labor Government’s position is clear, namely the proposed road needs to directly link people to the City and freight to the Port.

Mr Abbott hasn’t got a plan for Sydney’s infrastructure.  All he’s got are three word slogans and excuses.