May 21, 2015

Abbott’s infrastructure con not fooling Tasmanians

Tony Abbott is continuing to hide his $100 million cut to the Midland Highway in Tasmania by reannouncing funding allocated by the former Labor Government.

Yesterday Assistant Infrastructure Minister Jamie Briggs tried to claim political credit for upgrades to the highway despite the Coalition Government slashing $100 million from its funding.

The former Labor Government allocated $500 million funding for the Midland Highway in the 2013-14 Budget.

The 2014-15 Coalition Government Budget cut $100 million of this funding.

Before the election Tony Abbott promised that the Coalition Government would fully duplicate the highway.

The 2015-16 Coalition Government Budget cut a further $52 million of infrastructure funding – the equivalent of $100 per Tasmanian.

This includes every dollar of rail funding in Tasmania over the next four years, local roads funding to councils and freight assistance.

Last May, the Government was caught claiming credit for the $25.6 million upgrade of the Brooker Highway fully funded by the former Labor Government,

Every Tasmanian can see through Tony Abbott’s infrastructure con.

Mr Abbott should come clean with Tasmanians and admitted that his only infrastructure plan for Tasmania is cuts and broken promises.