Oct 12, 2006

Abolish TPVs says Labor’s Social Policy Committee

Abolish TPVs says Labor’s Social Policy Committee


12 October 2006

Anthony Albanese MP, Federal Member for Grayndler, endorsed the recent report by Labor’s Social Policy Committee which recommends that Temporary Protection Visas be abolished.

The report was handed to the Immigration Shadow Minister, Tony Burke MP, by the committee for his consideration and subsequent recommendation to the ALP Federal Caucus.

“As a member of the committee I am proud to endorse the recommendations which would see an end to the unnecessary separation of families and uncertainly that currently faces those seeking asylum in this country”, said Mr Albanese.

“The report of the Social Policy Committee recommends that if a person is found to be a refugee, that regardless of how he or she arrived in Australia, they be given permanent protection immediately.”

“The evidence shows that most TPV holders eventually get permanent protection. There is no justifiable reason to detain refugees in the current manner, especially when the isolation often leads to mental illness.”

“As Tony Burke has said, ‘the persecution must end when those fleeing persecution arrive on our shores’”, said Mr Albanese.


Tony Burke MP, Shadow Minister for Immigration, addresses a forum in Marrickville introduced by Anthony entitled "When Families Get locked up" – 28 August 2006