Sep 19, 2006

AFL kicks goal against climate change

AFL kicks goal against climate change


19 September 2006

Labor congratulates the AFL for taking strong action and showing leadership in the effort to avoid dangerous climate change.

Today’s announcement that the AFL will become carbon-neutral and buy offsets to negate the carbon pollution from its games and business activities is very welcome.

Labor welcomes the news that individual clubs are set to follow the AFL’s lead.

While John Howard remains on the sidelines, the AFL has kicked a goal and is showing leadership in the battle to avoid dangerous climate change.

The Howard Government is flat-footed and out of position on climate change.

John Howard has expert advice and scientific evidence that climate change is cutting rainfall and making Australia weather more extreme.

John Howard says he is “sceptical” about “gloomy” climate change predictions.

John Howard is increasingly isolated over climate change because he is wrong.

Climate change is a serious threat to Australia’s economy and environment, but John Howard is ignoring the inconvenient truth.

The tens of thousands of Australians who have seen Al Gore’s documentary An Inconvenient Truth are now aware that strong domestic and international action is urgently needed to avoid dangerous climate change.

Australia needs to be part of the ongoing and dynamic global effort against climate change by ratifying the Kyoto Protocol, which will continue well beyond 2012.

Given Australia is on track to meet our Kyoto Protocol target, there is no logical reason for Australia to remain outside the international framework

If the American President ticked off on the Kyoto Protocol today, John Howard would probably do it tomorrow.