Jul 7, 2003

Aim Higher: 20,000 more TAFE places under Labor


MEDIA RELEASE: Anthony Albanese – 7 July 2003

School leavers and people wanting to upgrade their skills in Grayndler will be able to take up one of the 20,000 new TAFE places announced under Labor’s education and training policy.

Anthony Albanese MP, the Labor Member for Grayndler and Shadow Minister for Employment Services and Training said under the Howard Government, 15,000 school leavers miss out on a TAFE place every year – 15,000 young people who have the door to a career slammed in their face.

“Labor will open the doors to learning for these young people by providing 20,000 more places. They’ll be able to get the skills and training they need for a decent job and a bright future. At a time when youth unemployment is stuck at over 20 per cent, too many young people are being handicapped because they can’t get the training they need.

“Students are being turned away from TAFE Colleges like those in Enmore and Petersham at a time when nationally there is a desperate skill shortage in jobs like childcare, mechanics and plumbing.

“Australia has serious skill shortages in key industries. We need more mechanics, plumbers, childcare workers, fitters and turners, electricians and other skilled workers. We need trained people for these jobs.

Mr Albanese said Labor’s policy was fully costed and fully funded and would not increase students’ fees.

“Funding the 20,000 TAFE places over four years will cost $88.5 million. This will come from abolishing John Howard’s plan to give foreign executives an unfair tax exemption worth around $160 million.

“Labor’s priority is to invest in the skills and jobs of young Australians, not in giving foreign executives a special tax break.

“Providing 20,000 more TAFE places is an initiative of Aim Higher: Learning, training and better jobs for more Australians.