Sep 7, 2015

Albanese becomes patron of Friends of Millers Point

It is with great honour that I have accepted an invitation from the Friends of Millers Point to be their patron.

Miller’s Point is a community – a living, breathing mixture of people that adds to the diversity of the broader Sydney community.

Successful cities are not disconnected enclaves of privilege and disadvantage.

They are diverse and their people come from a mixture of backgrounds.

Yet the Baird State Government is selling the properties on the seemingly rational economic basis that the proceeds can be used to build more public housing elsewhere.

Economic rationalists know the price of everything and the value of nothing.

No-one in the Baird Government has considered what is being lost in this transaction – a living, vibrant, caring community.

When Mike Baird looks at Millers Point he sees dollar signs.

When I look at Millers Point, I see a community made up of people who deserve respect and care.

However, elderly residents of some of these homes have received eviction notices slipped under their doors.

The message being sent is that these people are disposable – that you can just put them out like the rubbish.

Never mind that many have lived in these homes for their entire lives and have established strong and effective support networks within their community – networks that have value.

We might not be able to express that value in dollars and cents, but we are fools if we pretend it does not exist.