Oct 24, 2014

Albanese joins Big Push for Sydney Cycleways

This morning MPs, Mayors and Councillors donned a helmet and hopped on a bike to tour the cycle ways of inner Sydney. 

The Big Push, organised by the City of Sydney and the Centre for Sustainability Leadership, is part of the Sydney Bicycle Festival and aims to draw government attention to the many benefits of bike paths.  

It was a pleasure to join fellow cyclists from across the political spectrum for the morning’s ride around Sydney.

 Bike paths play an integral role in getting around any major city.

 Inner West residents frequently ask me about ways in which we can improve and extend our cycle ways.

Given the health, environmental and economic benefits, we cannot afford to overlook the value of cycling.

On Perth’s new Citylink rail line funded by the former Labor Government, lock-up bike sheds have been built on the platforms so commuters can secure their bike with a swipe card before boarding their train.

 It’s a small cost for a simple initiative that makes a real difference.

We should also be looking at other ways to encourage people to get on their bikes. 

Often this is as easy as putting in place bicycle racks at train stations and end of trip facilities in workplaces.

I would like to congratulate the team from The Big Push for all their work today.