May 2, 2007

Albanese preselected for Grayndler

It is an honour to have been preselected unopposed to contest the seat of Grayndler as the Labor candidate at the next federal election.

I look forward to presenting a strong progressive voice for our diverse multicultural community, and I welcome the challenge of defeating John Howard at the next election.

A Rudd Labor Government will be a government committed to an education revolution, to tackling climate change and our water crisis, and to returning fairness to Australian workplaces.

As part of a Rudd Labor Government, I will continue to advocate strongly for workers’ rights. The ongoing Tristar dispute in Marrickville has underlined how John Howard’s unfair WorkChoices laws hurt workers and their families.

As the Shadow Minister for Infrastructure and Water, I will be campaigning to ensure that Labor’s long term approach for the future is heard by the electorate. No longer can we continue to ignore the water crisis and infrastructure deficit that face our nation.

A Rudd Labor Government will meet the challenges we face head on by:

  • investing up to $4.7 billion to establish a National Broadband Network, bringing real opportunities to individuals, families and businesses;
  • offering Australian households low interest rate loans of up to $10,000 to help make existing homes greener and more energy and water efficient; and
  • investing in an education revolution, creating greater opportunities for young Australians.

For 11 years, Australia has suffered at the hands of a Government that has removed the fair go from industrial relations and remained dominated by climate change sceptics.

I look forward to being part of a fresh thinking Rudd Labor Government that can take Australia forward, not wind the clock back.

I would like to express my thanks to the rank and file members of local branches of the ALP for their support in the preselection. I will continue to fight for the progressive principles that the Labor Party stands for, as I have done in the past.