Oct 18, 2013

Announcement of Shadow Ministry

I welcome my appointment as Shadow Minister for Infrastructure and Transport, as well as Shadow Minister for Tourism.

As part of the Shadow Ministry, I will be holding the Coalition Government to account on the need for investment in public transport, as well as roads, ports and freight infrastructure.

The Coalition Government says urban congestion is “a big economic problem” but has provided no clear plan to fix the nation’s public transport infrastructure, or ensure adequate investment in our nation’s roads.

By contrast Labor has demonstrated a strong track record when it comes to renewing and rebuilding our nation’s infrastructure. In addition to establishing Infrastructure Australia, we doubled funding for roads, increased spending on rail tenfold, rebuilt more than a third of the Interstate Rail Network and invested more in public transport infrastructure than all our predecessors since Federation combined.

Labor’s commitment extends to the tourism sector, which the Coalition Government has neglected by failing to appoint a Minister for this portfolio. This is despite tourism generating more than $100 billion in expenditure every year, employing more than 530,000 Australians across the country and providing Australia’s largest services export.

I firmly believe Labor is the party of nation building and I will continue to push for much needed funding in infrastructure, transport and tourism.