Feb 17, 2005

Anthony Albanese Questions Communication’s Minister Over Telstra Tower Proposa

Anthony Albanese Questions Communication’s Minister Over Telstra Tower Proposal For Leichhardt Oval

MEDIA RELEASE: Anthony Albanese – 17 February 2005

The Federal Labor Member for Grayndler, Anthony Albanese, today in Federal Parliament by question on notice, queried the Communication’s Minister over 6 proposed Telstra towers at Leichhardt Oval at Rozelle in Sydney inner-west.

The local community is outraged about the proposal and that inadequate community consultation has taken place. Objections by locals lodged with Telstra have gone unanswered.

“Given that the local community in Leichhardt fought so hard to stop Telstra towers from being placed on Norton Plaza, you’d think that the Howard government would be doubly careful that there was wide and open community consultation for any other proposed communication’s towers in the same area.” Mr Albanese said.

“It is ridiculous that Telstra can ride rough shod over the views of the community every time they want to put up a tower. It’s time that Telstra thought about the health of the local community for a change.

“I call on Telstra and the Communication’s Minister to meet with the local community and listen to their concerns.”

It is understood that Leichhardt Council has lodged an objection to the proposal in the NSW Land and Environment Court.