Jun 3, 2020







SUBJECTS: Eden-Monaro by-election; bushfires; television shows; favourite Canberra locations.


WILKO, HOST: Courts, we’re not a political show. Oh, no, we are. We’re a political show. Bang. Boom.


COURTS, HOST: Er, hard-hitting.




COURTS: Interviews.


WILKO: Yes. Elections. There is a by-election in Eden-Monaro, and a man who’s doing a tour at the moment, to pump up his side of the campaign, the Leader of the Opposition has been in town, Anthony Albanese, and he joins us on the line. Hello, Albo.


ANTHONY ALBANESE, LEADER OF THE AUSTRALIAN LABOR PARTY: I am indeed. It’s a great part of the world to tour. I was there this morning in Googong and last week I was in Merimbula and right around the coast there. It’s a beautiful electorate from the mountains to the sea.


COURTS: Yeah, how are they looking?


WILKO: Yeah, because a lot of them have been affected by the bushfires.


ALBANESE: Look, you really see, particularly to the west of Canberra, when we were around Adelong and Batlow with Kristy McBain, we went to an orchard and you really see the impact is still there. It’s quite horrific that months later, you can still identify the impact of the bushfires. So many businesses are still suffering and looking for some support to try and get back on their feet.


COURTS: A lot of people around the country have been working from home learning new skills while they’re indoors.


WILKO: Which I don’t believe that they are. Everyone says they’re going to, ‘I’m going to learn a language’.


COURTS: Have you picked up a quarantine skill yourself, Albo?


ALBANESE: I think learning how to do Zoom calls and to do video conferences has been a skill I’ve picked up, trying to make it a bit interesting as well. I haven’t quite got the skill that some have got with these backdrops whereby you do Zoom calls.


COURTS Yeah, I just figured that out last week.


ALBANESE: And you’ve got Paris and New York or ski fields.


WILKO: They’re not believable, Albo. You don’t need to. They’re not believable at all. There’s someone in here who makes it look like they’ve got like a New York City apartment. And we know that they live in a very tiny flat somewhere in Barton.


COURTS: And that is our producer, Matt.


ALBANESE: I’ve got to say that Netflix, I’m told, has done very well during this period as well with series.


WILKO: Are you saying that you’re not a streamer, you’re not on the stream all the time, you’re not a big TV person, Albo?


ALBANESE: I am, but normally I don’t have much time. One of the things that has happened is that at night, all of a sudden, my nights are much freer. That’s a big thing. So, I’ve caught up on ‘Peaky Blinders’ myself.


WILKO: What a weird choice.


ALBANESE: It’s a great show.


WILKO: Is it? I got one episode in and I thought ‘maybe not for me’.


ALBANESE: See, you’ve got to get into it. It’s one of those shows you’ve got to watch more than once.


WILKO: Just lie to everybody and say ‘Tiger King’, Albo. In any interview going forward just say Tiger King.


ALBANESE: See, Tiger King I watched and I just thought after a while just these people are too weird. I mean, most people I think who are watching that show hope that the lions and tigers just ate all of them in a frenzy at the end and that that’s how it would all end.


WILKO: It still could end that way, we don’t know. I don’t think it’s officially ended it’s too much of a cash cow for Netflix.




WILKO: You’ve been traveling around and because we are in the nation’s capital we just wanted to get some ideas of what you’re into, here in Canberra, and what you’re not. So Courts is going to do a bit of a quick-fire round with you.


ALBANESE: Away we go.


WILKO: He’s so worried.


ALBANESE: This could go anywhere.


WILKO: Of course it is is.


COURTS: All right. Your favourite Canberra restaurant?


ALBANESE: Chairman and Yip.


WILKO: Okay.


COURTS: A favourite Canberra walk?


ALBANESE: Along around the river of course.




ALBANESE: The lake. The lake. I live in Barton here so I can just walk down.


COURTS: See, I assured the boys. I said, ‘No he won’t. He won’t go the lake, too easy.’ And he’s gone the lake.


WILKO: You’re in Barton though, so it makes sense.


ALBANESE: Of course, because I can get out and walk down and I’m there.


COURTS: Favourite Canberra pub?


ALBANESE: The Kingo.


COURTS: Love it.


WILKO: The Kingston. Good, steady.


COURTS: Favourite Canberra hairdresser?


ALBANESE: Never been to one.


COURTS: And your favourite Canberra café?


ALBANESE: Aussies here at Parliament House, of course. They’re just lovely people and they’re doing it so tough because there’s no one here. A good coffee shop is one where you don’t have to tell them what your coffee order is.


WILKO: Oh, that’s a prerequisite for any cafe.


ALBANESE: That’s the definition.


WILKO: Absolutely, if you’re a regular, if you go there four times a week they’ve got to know what your coffee is. You seemed so worried when we were going to do that fire round like we were going to go, you know, favourite place at night to hang out in Fyshwick. Very worried about what we were going to ask you. Okay so before we go, you’ve got to tick your box, make sure your KPIs are up. There is a by-election happening in Eden-Monaro and they’re going to see posters for what name?


ALBANESE: Kristy McBain.


WILKO: Ok you did it, well done.


ALBANESE: Go Kristy.


WILKO: Leader of the Opposition Anthony Albanese, thank you so much for joining us.


ALBANESE: Cheers. Thanks for having me on the program.