Apr 12, 2006

ANZAC Cove Solution Needed

ANZAC Cove Solution Needed


12 April 2006

The ongoing uncertainty surrounding the road works at ANZAC Cove must be resolved and a long term solution must be negotiated as soon as possible.

The recent announcement by the Minister for Veterans’ Affairs stating that temporary repairs will be needed on the ANZAC Cove road before the 2006 ANZAC Day commemorations show the clear need for a long term strategy to be finalised and implemented.

Temporary solutions and catch up policies can no longer be accepted.

While we welcome the Minister’s recent announcement of $16 million funding to help ‘preserve the legend of Gallipoli’ there is still no detail on how, when or where this money will be spent.

The Australian Government must act to ensure that a permanent, long term plan that protects the historic and archaeological integrity of ANZAC Cove is implemented.

The Gallipoli Peninsula and its historic battlefields hold a unique sense of history and national pride for both the Turkish and Australian people.

The Prime Minister promised to make ANZAC Cove the first listing on the National Heritage List. On 18 December 2003, John Howard said:

“It seems to me … entirely appropriate that the Anzac site at Gallipoli should represent the first nomination for inclusion on the National Heritage List. And, although it’s not on Australian territory, anyone who has visited the place will know that once you go there you feel it as an Australian as the piece of land on which your home is built.”

Instead of listing ANZAC Cove, road works were requested which damaged the site forever.

The best way to preserve the legend of Gallipoli is to provide long term protection for ANZAC Cove and a long term management plan for ANZAC Day commemorations.