Oct 30, 2010

Australia’s response to international cargo threat

Australia’s response to international cargo threat

The Hon Anthony Albanese MP

Minister for Infrastructure & Transport

Leader of the House

Member for Grayndler

October 30 2010

Australia has immediately implemented additional security screening of cargo arriving from the Middle East following the detection of explosives on flights to the UK and US.

There is no information indicating Australia is a target.

However as a precaution, the Office of Transport Security has issued a direction that all inbound cargo originating from Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Doha must now be screened – using either x-ray or explosive trace detection technology – before being sent onto a third country or destinations within Australia.

Going forward Australia’s security agencies will continue to work closely with US authorities as well as our own airports and airlines.

The Australian Government had been working to enhance the security arrangements which apply to air cargo.

In February as part of our Strengthening Aviation Security Initiative we announced we would spend $54 million to tighten Australia’s air cargo security framework including the installation of x-ray screening and explosive trace detection technology at selected locations.