Jun 22, 2016

Avalon Airport’s role to be strengthened under Labor

A Shorten Labor Government will maximise the growth potential of non-gateway airports including Avalon, servicing the Geelong region by ensuring they are formally classified as stand-alone airports.

This classification means the airports will not be constrained by the same Air Services Agreements with international airlines that apply to the gateway airports of Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth.

The current link between Avalon and the Melbourne Airport means there is no incentive for international airlines to choose to fly direct to Avalon.

Designating it as a regional airport will unlock jobs growth at Avalon and boost the region’s tourism potential, just as the Gold Coast Airport benefits from not being treated as an adjunct to the Brisbane Airport.

This commonsense move will maximise local job creation at a time when our nation needs to strengthen industries like tourism to make up for the decline in the investment stage of the mining boom.

Avalon Airport has substantial opportunity to grow through the application of this mechanism, which is consistent with the recommendations of the Aviation White Paper commissioned by the former Labor Federal Government.