Feb 15, 2018

Barnaby must tackle Government’s infrastructure delivery crisis

The Turnbull Government has short-changed Australians by $4.8 billion over the past four years because it has been too incompetent to deliver its own Budget commitments.

Between 2014-15 and 2017-18, the Government has announced $29.6 billion in infrastructure investment.

But its own Budget papers reveal that by the end of the current financial year, it will have delivered $24.8 billion. This means it has failed to actually invest one in every five dollars it has promised.

Investment in Major Road Projects will be $2.8 billion, or 17 per cent short of what was promised.

But the shortfalls affect all major infrastructure programs, including the Black Spot program, which directly targets road safety. (see table).

Infrastructure Minister Barnaby Joyce, who has this week demonstrated he has no grasp of the detail of his portfolio, must act now to confront this crisis in program delivery.

Since taking office, the Coalition has dramatically cut infrastructure investment, with infrastructure grants to the states set to fall off a cliff over the next four years.

However, these figures demonstrate that the Government has not only cut investment, but can’t even deliver its dramatically reduced Budgets.

Either it is wilfully misleading Australians every Budget night or is simply not up to the job of delivering on its commitments.