Dec 15, 2004

Beattie shows vision on forests


MEDIA RELEASE: Anthony Albanese – 15 December 2004

I congratulate Premier Beattie on the comprehensive plan he has announced for Queensland’s Western Hardwood region.

The Beattie Government has shown that with vision and conviction long term environmental goals can be achieved without jeopardising the job security of timber communities.

Under Premier Beattie’s plan more than one million hectares of high conservation value bushland in western Queensland will be forever protected from logging. In return, the State’s timber industry will be guaranteed a future through a 20-year transition to plantation timber and a substantial investment of public money.

The Government’s commitment to industry restructuring and resource security will deliver long term job security.

Premier Beattie has shown that sensible environmental and economic outcomes can be achieved through negotiations directed at long term sustainability.

Premier Beattie’s vision is consistent with the great environmental objectives pursued by Federal Labor and adds to the achievements of modern Labor.