Feb 15, 2013

Bells Line of Road – Letter to the Editor – Champion Post, Parkes

Calare MP John Cobb is becoming a parody of himself as he is now spruiking a $50 toll for the Bells Line of Road.

Having failed to convince both his State and Federal Coalition colleagues to put funding towards making the Bells Line of Road an “expressway”, Mr Cobb is now trying to keep the dream alive by saying the Federal Coalition will build it by introducing a $50 per vehicle toll on the road.

Mr Cobb has let the cat out of the bag and he has simply lost all credibility when it comes to transport infrastructure for the region.

When it comes to building infrastructure, only Federal Labor delivers on our promises. In Calare, we are investing $200 million into the Great Western Highway between Mount Victoria and Lithgow; promised, built and opened the Orange Bypass; rebuilt the interstate Rail Network; invested over $4 million to make rail level crossings safer; invested over $11 million to fix dangerous black spots; and provided $32 million over five years to assist local councils to maintain their roads.

That is real money, for real projects. This is making a real difference for communities across Calare.

Let us not forget that the last Coalition slashed $2 billion from the roads budget when they first took office. If past behaviour is anything to go by, we know the Federal Coalition will cut, not invest, in infrastructure if elected on 14 September 2013.