Sep 2, 2011

Body scanner trial moves to Melbourne

A trial of new body imaging technology will begin at Melbourne Airport’s International Terminal on Monday 5 September.

The Melbourne trial follows a highly successful three week trial of the technology at Sydney International Airport where over 4,000 scans were conducted.

The equipment on trial is the most advanced passenger screening technology available.

It protects passenger privacy by displaying a generic human outline on which prohibited items are identified by a standard yellow patch.

The trial will take place in Melbourne from 5–30 September and passengers who are travelling internationally will have the opportunity to experience the new technology.

The trial is voluntary and any passengers not wanting to try the body scanner will proceed through standard screening procedures.

To assist international passengers, Melbourne International Airport has produced information on the trial in English, Vietnamese, Arabic and Chinese.

The body scanner uses low-energy millimetre-waves to detect metal and non-metal items under clothing.

The scanners are perfectly safe with one body scan emitting 10,000 times less radio frequency than an average mobile phone call.

Around 13 million people fly out of Australia’s international airports each year and the trial is part of the Government’s commitment to protecting the travelling public and our safe aviation record.

This new technology will add another important layer of security at our airports and is part of the Government’s $200 million Strengthening Aviation Security Initiative which is well on its way to being implemented.