Sep 22, 2017

Brisbane Airport leading the way on renewables

While the Coalition Government remains stuck in policy paralysis when it comes to renewable energy the rest of the world is moving on, including in the aviation sector where Brisbane Airport is leading the way.

This morning I received a briefing from Brisbane Airport about its plan to install the largest rooftop energy system in the southern hemisphere.

This ground-breaking project will see more than 22,000 photovoltaic panels across six buildings, which will generate enough electricity for almost a fifth of what is needed to operate the airport.

It will save Brisbane Airport Corporation $1 million in energy bills annually and significantly decrease its carbon footprint.

Brisbane Airport is clearly not alone. The latest Australian Renewable Energy Index shows that Queensland has emerged as the nation’s leading source of renewable energy jobs.

I saw two other projects firsthand when I travelled recently to North West Queensland with Bob Katter to look at the region’s infrastructure needs.

Both the Kidston Solar Project and the Kennedy Energy Park are great examples of how solar, wind, pumped Hydro and battery storage can create renewable energy, which provides large-scale reliable capacity.

The fact is the transport and aviation sectors contribute to carbon emissions, which is why efforts to offset any impact are so important and why we must take an integrated approach.

The Federal Government cannot ignore its responsibility to provide investment certainty and encourage the replication of best practice.

Unfortunately that is exactly what they’re doing, as their own internal climate war rages on with no end in sight.

I congratulate Brisbane Airport on its leadership and look forward to seeing this project progress.