Jun 4, 2013

Bruce Highway funding cut; Cross River Rail abandoned


In today’s State Budget the Newman Government has tried to pull a swiftie on the communities living along the Bruce Highway while putting the short term political interests of Tony Abbott ahead of the long term infrastructure needs of South East Queensland residents.

Bruce Highway:

In his Budget media statement, Queensland Transport Minister Scott Emerson claimed they “will deliver a record $690 million for the Bruce Highway.”  However he conveniently failed to mention that 85 per cent of that funding – or $587 million – will actually be provided by this Federal Labor Government.

Put simply, the Newman Government is claiming Federal money as their own in order to conceal the fact that they are cutting their contribution to the Highway to just 15 per cent.

Brisbane and South East Queensland:

Despite warnings that Brisbane’s existing rail network will “reach capacity by 2016” and the fact we had agreed to every one of their requests, the Newman Government has today formally reneged on their written commitment to deliver the transformative Cross River Rail project.

Mr Emerson has failed to put into practice what he was prepared to put in writing.

There is also no money in the Budget for the Gateway Upgrade North, and even more remarkably, they’ve rejected our offer of $718 million in Federal funding to help progress this vital road project.  And they have failed to match our $279 million commitment to the next stage in the upgrade of the Ipswich Motorway.

For our part, Federal Labor’s total investment in the State’s road, rail and public transport infrastructure now stands at an unprecedented $16.6 billion.  That’s real money for real projects that will make a real difference.