Sep 7, 2012

Bruce Highway upgrade: Vantassel Street to Cluden

Construction work to duplicate the Bruce Highway from Vantassel St to Cluden will begin in the second half of 2013, following the release of funding by the Federal Labor Government for land acquisition and final planning work.

The release of funds will allow final planning work for the 7km section of the highway to commence immediately.

The project is also expected to involve a new high level bridge over Stuart Creek and a road overpass of the North Coast Rail Line at Cluden.

Jointly funded by the Federal ($110 million) and the Queensland ($23.7 million), this project will better connect major industries in Townsville to key infrastructure such as the Port of Townsville.

For the growing communities of Cluden, Julago, Rocky Springs and Alligator Creek, the duplication will mean reduced travel times, better local access and improved road safety.

Planning work will be wrapped up later this year with construction to begin in the second half of next year and be completed by 2015.

The Vantassel St to Cluden duplication is just one of many upgrades currently underway along the 1,700 kilometre length of this road, all part of Federal Labor Government’s unprecedented $2.8 billion Bruce Highway capital works program.

The commissioning of the Ring Road’s final section – together with other local projects such as the Douglas Arterial Duplication and new Port Access Road – takes Federal Labor’s investment in Townsville’s road infrastructure to an unprecedented $420 million through our Nation Building Program.

All up, we are providing a record $8.7 billion over six years to rebuild and renew Queensland’s road, rail and public transport infrastructure.