Jun 25, 2012

Bruce Highway Upgrade: Wright’s Creek Bridge Project

Construction companies interested in the job of widening the existing bridge over Wrights Creek as well as straightening the approaches to it have until 16 July to submit their best bids under the tender process which is being managed by the Queensland Government, with work expected to start in coming months.

Located on the Bruce Highway just south of Edmonton, the bridge has become a notorious black spot.  In just the last five years, it has been the scene of 16 accidents including one as recently as February this year which claimed the life of an 82 year old woman.

To fix what many locals have labelled a “death-trap” as well as ease localised congestion and allow bigger trucks to use this stretch of highway, we will double the width of the bridge to 15 metres.

While the major construction contract for this multi-million dollar, fully-Federally funded project is being finalised, preparation of the site, including preliminary earth-works and soil testing, will continue.

We expect to complete the project by the end of 2012.

This is just one of many upgrades currently underway along the 1,700 kilometre length of the Bruce Highway, all part of Federal Labor’s unprecedented $2.8 billion capital works program which right now is putting more than 3,500 people to work, both direct and indirect.

From the outset we were determined to return the Budget to surplus without sacrificing the long term investments vital to securing our future prosperity.  That’s why our record spending on the Bruce has been maintained.

Under Labor, Federal investment in this road stands at $2.8 billion over 7 years, with a further instalment of almost half a billion dollars to be provided in the coming financial year.  Compared to the record of the former Howard government we are spending more than twice as much in half the time.

Nonetheless, we appreciate that the State’s growing population and rapidly expanding resources sector is placing added pressure on this road, which is why it will always be a priority for Federal Labor and a major beneficiary of the extra infrastructure funding which will flow from our new mining tax.