May 8, 2012

Budget 2012-13: Fixing more rail bottlenecks: Torrens & Goodwood Junctions

The rebuilding of the nation’s Interstate Rail Freight Network continues under Federal Labor, with the 2012-13 Budget committing $232.1 million in new funding to upgrade the section through the heart of Adelaide.

This investment will speed up the movement of freight trains through the City, improve the reliability of its passenger services, ease traffic congestion around the CBD, and boost national productivity.

Recommended by Infrastructure Australia, the Torrens and Goodwood Junctions Upgrade will separate freight from passenger services by diverting the line used by one beneath that used by the other thus eliminating the need for trains on either track to stop while those on the other pass through.

Construction of these underpasses will also allow bigger trains to operate along the line between Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth – 1,800 metres in length instead of the current 1,500 metres – as well as shave 30 minutes off their journey times.

Eliminating the two bottlenecks at Goodwood and just north of the CBD will complement the nearly $350 million Federal Labor has so far committed, including as part of our Economic Stimulus Plan, upgrading this rail corridor.  All up, we’ve rebuilt nearly a third of the nation’s Interstate Network in just four years.

Already 4,000 freight trains a year pass through Adelaide, a figure that’s set to grow.

As well as making rail even more competitive, the project will advance the goals outlined in our National Urban Policy.  It will make the Adelaide an even better place to live and an easier place to get around.

The level crossing on Leader Street in Goodwood and a further three near Bowden Station, along with the delays and peak-hour congestion they cause, will go.  We will also refurbish Keswick and Bowden Stations, and improve pedestrian access between the Adelaide Showgrounds and the Parklands.

Planning on the $443.0 million project is underway and work could commence as early as next year, with the Federal money flowing from 2015-16 and the South Australian Government kicking in the balance of the required funding.


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Goodwood and Torrens Junctions

Goodwood and Torrens Junctions