May 8, 2012

Budget 2012-13: Nation Building Infrastructure for the future: South Australia

Over the next twelve months the Federal Labor Government’s ambitious capital works program will continue unabated, with the 2012-13 Budget delivering a further instalment of $197.9 million in funding to start, progress and complete a range of projects in South Australia.

All up, we are providing an unprecedented $2.7 billion from our six-year Nation Building Program (2008-09 to 2013-14) to rebuild and renew the State’s road, rail and public transport infrastructure. Already, Federal Labor has more than doubled annual infrastructure spending from $109 to $272 per South Australian.

What’s more, in this year’s Budget we have agreed to provide new funding of $232.1 million from 2015-16 to separate the Interstate Rail Freight Line from the Adelaide Metro passenger rail network at Goodwood and Torrens Junctions.

Infrastructure Australia has previously identified this as a priority project of national-significance.

Over the course of 2012-13, we expect to complete work on the following projects:

  • Extension of the Noarlunga Rail Line to Seaford.
    – Federal contribution: $291.2 million.
  • Replacement of nearly 800 kilometres of rail between Whyalla and Broken Hill as well as between Parkes and Cootamundra.
    – Federal contribution (South Australian section): $227.0 million.

In the meantime, work will continue on:

  • Constructing the new South Road Superway, a complex engineering project which will feature a new 2.8 kilometre elevated roadway between Wing Street and Taminga Street on South Road.
    – Federal contribution: $406.0 million.
  • Construction of new overtaking lanes and other safety works on the Dukes Highway.
    – Federal contribution: $80.0 million.
  • Electrifying and resleepering the Gawler Rail Line as well as associated station improvements.
    – Federal contribution: $293.5 million.

In addition, the 2012-13 Budget maintains funding for a range of initiatives which will make our local roads better and safer:

  • $4.7 million to eliminate another 23 dangerous black spots on local roads;
  • $76.7 million to assist councils across the State to maintain and upgrade their local roads.

From the outset Federal Labor’s mission has been to reverse the neglect we inherited and invest in the modern, well-planned infrastructure that will make working people’s lives easier, our businesses more competitive and the national economy stronger, not just for the next five years but for the next five decades.

Across the length and breadth of South Australia that’s precisely what we are doing.  We are setting the State up for the future with good infrastructure which will stand the test of time.


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Project Status for South Australia for 2012–13

Project Status for South Australia for 2012–13