May 8, 2012

Budget 2012-13: Nation Building Infrastructure for the future: The Territory

Over the next twelve months the Federal Labor Government’s ambitious capital works program will continue unabated, with the 2012-13 Budget delivering a further instalment of $100.7 million in funding to progress a range of projects across the Northern Territory.

All up, we are providing an unprecedented $635.6 million from our six-year
Nation Building Program (2008-09 to 2013-14) to rebuild and renew the Territory’s road infrastructure.  Already, Labor has nearly doubled annual infrastructure spending from $275 to $458 per Territorian.

As a result of this record funding in the Northern Territory, works will be continuing in 2012-13 on the following major road projects:

  • Strengthening and widening sections of the Central Arnhem Road and erecting new concrete bridges at the Mainoru, Goyder, Little Goyder and Donydji River crossings.
    – Federal contribution: $15.0 million.
  • Widening and sealing the carriageway at Tom Turners Crossing and constructing a new higher, single lane bridge and pedestrian walkway along Port Keats Road at the Daly River Crossing.
    – Federal contribution: $11.0 million.

As part of our $160.0 million flood immunity, safety and productivity package, work will also continue on:

  • Strengthening and widening sections of the Stuart, Victoria and Barkly Highways so as to provide better, all-weather access for local miners and cattlemen as well as tourists.
    – Federal contribution: $63.0 million.
  • Constructing of new truck parking bays and rest areas as well as upgrades to key intersections along the Stuart, Victoria and Barkly Highways to better accommodate road trains.
    – Federal contribution: $28.0 million.
  • Installing 16 additional overtaking lanes along the Stuart Highway between Katherine and Darwin.
    – Federal contribution: $19.0 million.
  • Raising sections of the Stuart Highway over the Gilbert Swamp and north of King River.
    – Federal contribution: $15.0 million.

We have also agreed to the Northern Territory Government’s request to reallocate the $50.0 million originally earmarked for the Darwin Port expansion to a package of road works which will support the Ichthys LNG project.  Specific projects details will be finalised in the coming months.

In addition, the 2012-13 Budget maintains funding for a range of initiatives which will help make the Territory’s local roads better and safer:

  • $1.0 million to eliminate dangerous black spots on local roads;
  • $22.3 million to assist councils across the Territory to maintain and upgrade their local roads.

From the outset Federal Labor’s mission has been to reverse the neglect we inherited and invest in the modern, well-planned infrastructure that will make working people’s lives easier, our businesses more competitive and the national economy stronger, not just for the next five years but for the next five decades.

Across the length and breadth of Northern Territory that’s precisely what we are doing.  Federal Labor is setting the Territory up for the future with good infrastructure which will stand the test of time.


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Project Status for the Northern Territory for 2012–13

Project Status for the Northern Territory for 2012–13